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Services we offer:

  • Acting Coaching (Including Professional, Children and Teens, College Audition Preparation, Self Taping, Show Preparation, Preparation for Acting Competitions or Conferences, How to train daily, etc)

  • Vocal Training

  • Movement Training

  • Classics Training

  • Voice and Speech Training

  • Sound Engineering

  • Recording 

  • Editing

  • Mixing

  • Voice-Over Recording

  • Finding your Professional Voice - an introduction into the industry and how to put your best foot forward 

  • How to start your website

  • Recommendations for other professionals in the field

  • Still Actively in the Industry 

  • Willing to come to you or have you come to us (prices may vary)

  • Willing to discuss rates and package deals for regularly scheduled lessons 

MC STUDIOS is a collaborative space for creatives of all kinds to come and work on their passions in several different ways. We are both trained professionals in our fields and feel passionately about being able to help artists succeed and grow. We have an in-home studio which allows us to offer a variety of outlets to explore. 


We want to create an environment where we are here to sit back and let you take the reins in what you create, and we can be there to help or provide listening ear along the way. 


We believe deeply in getting out what you put in and we are willing to be as involved as you want us to be.


Cody graduated from The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media in 2017 and has been working professionally since he was 21 years old. He is a professional sound engineer, bass player, coffee roaster, and barista. He loves trying new things and learning from everyone around him. 


Madison graduated from The Actors Studio Drama School in May of 2022 with her MFA in Acting. She also has a BA in Theatre as well as a BS in Psychology. She has been acting in professional, community, and educational settings since she was 8 years old. She is also a professionally trained vocalist. Madison has extensive training and experience in coaching. She has run theatre camps for children as well as private coaching in this field and others since 2015. She loves spending time with her adorable pup Zoe.


“My goal is to be performing in a capacity that allows me to remind others that they are not alone. I am exploring fluidity and breaking expectations and the ability to magnify the universal. I want to make the personal universal. It's important to me to explore the deep human connection through isolation vs. connection. I want to be raw and real. I want to show our hearts and circumstances and make that feel relatable to all audiences. I want to continually progress and strive to find new challenges in my career and life.”



While we are both still pursuing our careers full force, we want to help artists of all ages get into this industry and find the deep love we have for it. 

If you are interested in working with us, please feel free to reach out anytime at MCSTUDIOS.ENTERTAINMENT@GMAIL.COM


We also give recommendations for: Vocal lessons, Guitar lessons, Dance Lessons, Voice and Speech Lessons, Movement Lessons, Mastering as well as several other subcategories of the field. We would be happy to find help you find the right fit for you. Let us know how we can help you today!




Teens and Children

In Person

Half hour and Full hour offered



In Person

Half hour and Full hour offered



This includes: Recording, Mixing, and Editing

$30 an hour 


Please feel free to reach out for a quote for any other ideas you may have or anything not listed. Thank you for your understanding!


All coaching available virtually

Half hour and Full hour offered



Word Count

300 words or less (0-2 minutes)                                         

300-750 words (2-5 minutes)                                           

750-2,250 words (5-15 minutes)                                        

2,250-4,500 words (15-30 minutes)                                

4,500-6,000 words (30-45 minutes)                               

6,000 words or more (45-60 minutes)                             








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